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Graduate Degrees in Environmental Science

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Environmental Science (GPES).  We are delighted that you have joined a unique set of graduate students, faculty, and researchers who share a deep concern for the development and application of multidisciplinary approaches to the stewardship of our natural and built environments.

The State Education Department and SUNY establish policy that applies to all graduate programs. Graduate Policies specific to ESF have been adopted by the College Faculty and are available on the Graduate School website:

GPES is an interdepartmental program, which distinguishes it from the other graduate programs on campus. Like other programs, GPES has specific policies, procedures, and guidelines, which are detailed in the handbooks specific to each degree (M.S., M.P.S., and Ph.D.) program.

GPES is organized into Areas of Study formally approved by ESF Faculty Governance and identified on the web site:

Each Area of Study has at least three active faculty members including a Coordinator.  Each GPES student is admitted into one Area of Study.  The Area Coordinators, the GPES Graduate Coordinator, and the Director of Division of Environmental Science make up the GPES Committee, which is responsible for admissions, allocation of graduate fellowships, initial assignment of MPs, curriculum changes, and program administration and assessment.

Students are strongly encouraged to network with their peers and to actively participate in their Areas of Study.

GPES Degrees

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