e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry
e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Course Options

GIScE Courses

Additional Environmental Courses

  • Ecological Engineering in the Tropics (3cr)
  • Ecological Engineering for Waste Management (3cr)
  • Engineering Hydrology & Hydraulics (3cr)
  • Open Channel Hydraulics (3cr)
  • Water Pollution Engineering (3cr)
  • Systems Ecology* (4cr)
  • Landscape Ecology* (4cr)

Additional Mathematical Courses

  • Statistical Analysis* (3cr)
  • Intro to Sampling Techniques* (3cr)
  • Multivariate Statistical Methods* (3cr)
  • Nonparametric Stats* (3cr)
  • Analysis of Variance* (3cr)
  • Regression Analysis* (3cr)

Additional Computing Courses

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms** (3cr)
  • Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks** (3cr)
  • Introduction to Database Management Systems** (3cr)
  • Data Mining** (3cr)
  • Principles of Programming I** (3cr)

(*) denotes ESF courses offered outside the ERE department
(**) denotes courses available at neighboring Syracuse University

Depending on interest, students may select environmental, mathematical and/or computing courses. The above list is only a guide, students will work with their advisor to create an individualized program of study. A complete list with additional ESF courses is available for the Fall and Spring semesters.

For additional information on publications, research and teaching activities please visit the corresponding faculty webpage (Dr. Mountrakis, Dr. Quackenbush).