Wendong Tao, PhD

Assistant Professor

State University of New York

College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Department of Environmental Resources Engineering


422 Baker Labs

1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: (315) 470-4928

Fax: (315) 470-6958

Email: wtao@esf.edu


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What's New?


May 2013

  • Our research on anaerobic digestion of food waste is awarded a seed grant. Congrats to Eileen Leon!
  • Welcome Dr. Jianqiu Han, a Professor in plant physiology, join our team!

March 2013

  • Anayo has recovered ammonium sulfate crystals from dairy manure. Stay tuned!

January 2013

  • Welcome Jonathan Masih Das and Ehsan Mazinani join our team!

October 2012

  • A manuscript on developing recirculating biofilters for simultaneous nitritation and anammox has been accepted for publication in Journal of Hazardous Materials. Congrats to Jianfeng Wen!

September 2012

  • A manuscript on numerical modeling of simultaneous nitritation and anammox in biofilters is accepted for publication in Water Sci. Technol. Congrats to Shun Shi!
  • Welcome Anayo Ukwuani joining our team!

August 2012

  • EPA has funded our project to refine the struvite recovery technology and demonstrate on a Dairy farm in the next two years.

June 2012

  • Two manuscripts on simultaneous nitritation and anammox for dairy wastewater treatment have been accepted for publication in Journal of Environmental Management and Ecological Engineering. Congrats to Yuling He!

May 2012

  • A paper on nitrogen removal in free-water surface wetlands using nitritation-anammox is accepted for publication in Water Environment Research.

April 2012

  • A SUNY ESF student team led by Dr. Tao won a 2012 P3 Award during the 8th National Sustainable Design Expo and P3 Competition at the National Mall on April 21-23, 2012. Conradulations to Doug Mayer, Fred Agyeman, Lee Martin, and many other P3 team members!.