Dr. Wendong Tao, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Resources Engineering


Prospective Graduate Students


Graduate Programs:

Academic Background Expected:

Environmental engineering, chemical engineering, environmental biotechnology, bioengineering, environmental science, ...

Admission, Credit Transfer, and Online Application: SUNY ESF Graduate School


Current Research Team


Anayo Ukwuani. 08/2012-. PhD. Ammonia recovery from dairy manure

Eileen Leon Jimenez. 08/2011-. PhD (Fulbright Scholar). Anaerobic digestion of food waste

Doug Mayer. 08/2011-. MS. Solid-liquid separation of anaerobically digested dairy manure

Ehsan Mazinani. 01/2013-. PhD. Phosphorus recovery from dairy manure

Jonathan Masih Das. 01/2013-. PhD.

Jianqiu Han. Visiting Faculty (Professor at Shanghai Institute of Technology). Interaction of plants with water quality in treatment wetlands


Former Research Group Members