Scenes from

Thailand's Pulp and Paper Industry

Khon Kaen, August 1994

Plate 1. Contract laborers straighten up Phoenix Pulp and Paper Co.'s bamboo yard, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand.

Plate 2. Phong River, Khon Kaen Province, downstream from the Phoenix mill. Pipes withdraw water for local villagers' use.

Plate 3. Northeastern Regional Environment Office, Khon Kaen City.

Plate 4. Part of the Phoenix mill's new wastewater treatment equipment, supplied by the A. Ahlstrom Co., Finland.

Plate 5. New air pollution control equipment at Phoenix, built in conjunction with Pulp Mill #2, aided by a USA $108 million interest-free loan from Finland's international development agency.

Plate 6. Banner commemorating the Siam Cellulose Co.'s ISO 9002 certification. The company subsequently became the first pulp producer in Thailand to gain ISO 14000 certification.

Plate 7. Project Green, Phoenix Pulp and Paper Co., Khon Kaen Province.

Plate 8. Treated waste-water bubbles up from underground pipes at Phoenix's Project Green experimental site.

* * *

from David A. Sonnenfeld,"From Brown to Green? Late Industrialization, Social Conflict, and Adoption of Environmental Technologies in Thailand's Pulp and Paper Industry," Organization & Environment, Vol. 11, No. 1 (March 1998).

All photographs by David A. Sonnenfeld

Captions and Photographs 1998 Sage Publications, Inc. Reproduced with permission.

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