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Mohamed Elzomor

Mohamed A. Elzomor

223 Baker Lab
1 Forestry Dr.
Syracuse, New York 13210

Phone: (315) 470-6747



Mohamed ElZomor is an Assistant Professor in Construction Management and Sustainable Construction at State University of New York (SUNY) - College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF). Mohamed’s specialties are developed through his experience in the construction field as well as his diverse educational backgrounds. ElZomor’s expertise are in the field of Construction, Architecture, and Education. Some of his research interests areas are:- Construction Engineering and Management, Sustainable Construction, Lean and Resilient Construction, Integrated Best Practices For Project Delivery and Pre-Construction, Planning Infrastructure Projects, PDRI, Architecture, Energy Efficiency Measures, Passive And Active Designs, Building Energy Simulations, Innovative Interdisciplinary Education.

Mohamed holds a Doctoral Degree from Arizona State University, United States. Dr. ElZomor also received two Master degrees, MSc in Architecture with a focus on Design and Energy Conservation from University of Arizona, United States and a Masters of Construction Engineering form The American University in Cairo.

Before embarking on his academic career, Mohamed gained valuable local and international construction experience while working in the construction industry for different capacities, both in the office and the field. ElZomor held different positions as a Project Manager, Planner, Estimator, and Control’s Engineer with Contract, Procurement and Costing responsibilities in varied types of projects and with Consultants, Contractors and Owners. Dr. ElZomor worked as a Project Manager for several years and delivered several complex projects one of which was an iconic multi-million office park.

Not only is Dr. Mohamed a specialist in the construction field, but also with extensive research within the advanced Educational Pedagogies, Sustainability, Energy, and Environmental disciplines. Dr. ElZomor developed an index to identify the risks and scope of Small Infrastructure Projects. The overall goal of ElZomor’s work is to leverage the integration of sustainability and Energy Efficiency Measures into construction for societal good. Mohamed couples research agenda with innovative means of education in the classroom.

Complementing his research and professional experience, Dr. ElZomor gained significant teaching practice during his academic career.  His projects and publications include developing new curricula that embraces vertically integrating lower and upper construction and engineering classes through a collaborative problem based leaning approach; his research has demonstrated that this funded novel pedagogical technique serves undergraduate and graduate student bodies.

Dr. Mohamed is an Ambassador for United States Green Building Council, he is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Associate Schools of Construction, and American Institute of Architects as well as licensed through Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers.


Ph.D. Construction Management - Arizona State University, USA (2017)

M.Sc. in Architecture Design and Energy Conservation University of Arizona, USA (2014)

M.Eng. Construction Engineering - The American University in Cairo, Egypt (2010)

B.S. Construction Engineering - The American University in Cairo (2006)

Research Interests


  • Construction Management
  • Alternative Project Delivery Methods
  • Planning Infrastructure Projects
  • Integrated Best Practices for Project Delivery and Pre-Construction
  • Project Definition Rating Index - PDRI and Risk Management
  • Construction Health and Wellbeing


  • Sustainable Construction and Building Rating Systems
  • Lean Construction, and Biomimicry 
  • Sustainable Technologies and Energy Systems

Engineering, Energy and Architecture

  • Architecture and Energy Efficiency Measures
  • Passive and Active Designs 
  • Infrastructure Resilience and Sustainability
  • Modeling and Energy Simulations


  • Innovative Educational Paradigms 
  • Interdisciplinary Education
  • Professional Development


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