Youxin Yuan

Youxin Yuan
Senior Research Scientist

Chemi Baker Lab
1 Forestry Dr.
Syracuse, New York 13210

Phone: (315) 470-6920



  • M.S., 1987, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF)
  • Ph.D., 1991, Syracuse University


Adjunct Professor of Physical Chemistry, LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY 2003-2004

Senior Research Scientist, The Michael Szwarc Polymer Research Institute, State University of New York. 2012-Present

Senior Research Scientist, State University of New York -ESF. 1991-present

Research Interests

Dr. Yuan’s research interests includes: Electrochemistry, Electrochemical Synthesis, Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Storage Surface Chemistry, and Polymer Science. She has be Co-principle investigate of variety of projects including: Rechargeable batteries (NiMO), Radiopaque Adhesives and Restorative Resins (NIH), PEM fuel cells, Electropolymerization (DOE), Electrochemical Reformation of Bio-mass, Nanostructured Activated Carbon for Hydrogen Storage (DOE). Her work involves extensive use of state of the art technology such as AFM, TEM, SEM. PA-FTIR, Autosob-1.

Selected Publications

  1. Israel Cabasso, Suoding Li, Xinwei Wang and Youxin Yuan, "Controlled thermal decomposition of aromatic polyethers to attain nanoporous carbon materials with enhanced gas storage" RSC/Advance [DOI: 10.1039/c2ra20057k] (2012).
  2. Y.Yuan, F. Johnson, I. Cabasso, "Polybenzimidazole (PBI) Molecular Weight and Mark-Houwink Equation," J. Applied Polymer Science, 112(6) p3437-3441, (2009).
  3. Y. Yuan, I. Cabasso, and H. Liu, "Surface Morphology of Nanostructured Polymer-Based Activated Carbons," J. Phys. Chem. B 112 (46) p14364-14372, (2008).
  4. I. Cabasso, Y. Yuan, X. Wang, "Mechanism and Characterization of Alkylene- and p-Ethylenebenzylene-Spaced Polycarbosilanes Ceramic Precursor Synthesized by Electropolymerization" J. Polymer Sci: Part A: Polym. Chem. 46 p7677-7689(2008).
  5. X. Wang, Y.Yuan, D. Graiver, and I.Cabasso, "Electrosynthesis of Linear and Branched Methylene-Bridged Oligo- and Polycarbosilanes" Macromolecules, 40 (11) p3939-3950, (2007).
  6. I. Cabasso and Y. Yuan, "Modified Polybenzimidazoles, the Type of Membranes Based on Polyphophonic Acid for PEM Fuel Cells" Electrochem. Society Trans., 11 p55-64 (2007).
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  11. I. Cabasso, F. Johnson, Y. Yuan, " High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell Membranes and MEA," Annual AICHE Meeting (2001).
  12. I. Cabasso and Y. Yuan "Nanoparticles in Polymer and Polymer Dendrimers," in Nanoparticles in Solids and Solutions, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Eds., J. Fendler and I. Dekany, pp. 131-153 (1996).
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  15. Yuan, Y., J.H. Fendler and I. Cabasso "Photoelectron Transfer Mediated by Size-Quantized CdS Particles in Polymer-Blend Membranes," Chem. Mater., 4, No. 2, 312 (1992).
  16. Particulate Films at Oriented Mono- and Poly(vinylbenzyl) Phosphonate Interfaces and Their Yuan, Y., I. Cabasso and J.H. Fendler "Preparation of Ultrathin, Size Quantized Semiconductor Characterization on Solids," Chemistry of Materials, 2, 226 (1990).
  17. Yuan, Y., I. Cabasso, and J.H. Fendler "Size-Quantized Semiconductor-Particle Mediated Photoelectron Transfer in Ultrathin, Phosphonate-Functionalized, Polymer-Blend Membranes, "Macromolecules, 23, 3198 (1990).
  18. Khan, Ishrat M., Y. Yuan, D. Fish, and J. Smid "Comblike Polysiloxanes with Oligo(Oxyethylene) Side Chains. Synthesis and Properties," Macromolecules, 21, 2684 (1988).

List of Patents

  1. Youxin Yuan, "Functionized Porous Poly(Aryl Ether Ketone) Materials and Their Use" US Patent 7,368,526 (2008).
  2. Y.Yuan, "Preparation of Porous Poly(aryl ether ketone) Membranes Process for Their Preparation and Use Thereof" US Patent7,176,273 (2007).
  3. Y. Yuan, "Preparation of Porous Poly(aryl ether) Articles and Use Thereof" US Patent 7,229,580 (2007).
  4. I. Cabasso, F. Johnson, Y.Yuan, "Modified Polybenzimadazole (PBI) Membranes for Enhanced Polymer Electrochemical Cells" US. Patent 6,987,163 (2006).
  5. I. Cabasso, H. Liu, S. Li, Y. Yuan, "Novel Carbon Materials and Carbon/Carbon Composites Based on Modified Poly(phenylene ether) for Energy Production and Storage Devices, and Methods of making Them" U.S. Patent Application No. 2003016178 (2003).
  6. I. Cabasso, C. Mittelsteadt and Y. Yuan, "Blend Membranes Based on Sulfonated Poly (phenylene oxide) for Enhanced Polymer Elelctrochemical Cells)," U.S. Patent 6,103,414 (2000).
  7. I. Cabasso, C. Mittelsteadt and Y. Yuan, "Blend Membranes based on Sulfonated poly(phenylene oxide) for enhanced polymer electrochemical cells," U.S. Pat. 5,989,742 (1999).
  8. I. Cabasso and Y. Yuan, U.S. "Gas Diffusion Electrodes Based on poly(vinylidene fluoride) Carbon Blends," US Patent Pat. 5,783,325 (1998).


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