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e s f letters

[Flyer Sample] Campus Flyers

Digital signage flyers' creators are solely responsible for the content of the flyers presented. Below is a list of all flyers currently in the digital signage rotation.

Get Your Flyer in the Rotation!

Student Organizations: Submit your flyer electronically to for approval. Please provide your flyer digitally if possible. On approval from the Office of Student Life, your flyer should appear in the signage rotation within 1 business day.

Faculty and Staff: Submit your flyer electronically to - and it will be added to the rotation within one business day.

Where can I see my flyer displayed?

  • Bray Hall - Rotunda
  • Marshall Hall - Outside ES Department Office
  • Moon Library - Lobby
  • Walters Hall - Outside PBE Department Office
  • Illick Hall - Ground level
  • Gateway Center - North lobby, South concourse

Please note: Display time devoted to the centralized flyer feed may vary.