e s f letters
e s f letters

[Flyer Sample] Campus Flyers

Digital signage flyers' creators are solely responsible for the content of the flyers presented. Below is a list of all flyers currently in the digital signage rotation.

Get Your Flyer in the Rotation!

Student Organizations: Submit your flyer electronically to ldcranda@esf.edu for approval. Please provide your flyer digitally if possible. On approval from the Office of Student Life, your flyer should appear in the signage rotation within 1 business day.

Faculty and Staff: Submit your flyer electronically to web@esf.edu - and it will be added to the rotation within one business day.

Where can I see my flyer displayed?

  • Bray Hall - Rotunda
  • Marshall Hall - Outside ES Department Office
  • Moon Library - Lobby
  • Walters Hall - Outside PBE Department Office
  • Illick Hall - Ground level
  • Gateway Center - North lobby, South concourse

Please note: Display time devoted to the centralized flyer feed may vary.