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Silviculture 2017: a Day of Seminars June 14, 2017

"A process for creating, maintaining, or restoring an appropriate balance of essential components, structures, and functions that ensure long-term ecosystem vitality, stability and resiliency."

Silviculture: Concepts and Applications, 3rd ed, p 16

Over 100 practitioners actively engaged in A Day of Seminars on uneven-aged silviculture, exploitative harvesting, rehabilitation, and interference, in honor of Distinguished Service Professor Dr. Ralph D. Nyland’s retirement after 49 years of service to ESF. In recognition of Nyland’s dedication to teaching and mentoring students and to providing outstanding technology transfer and real-world strategies to forest professionals, speakers summarized research results to provide practical guidance to managers. About one quarter of the audience accompanied Nyland the following day for a Field Tour through ESF’s Heiberg Memorial Forest and “Shirley Property.”

Speakers, many of whom got their starts under Nyland’s tutelage, hail from the US and Canadian Forest Services, extension programs in Pennsylvania and Virginia, and from ESF’s Department of Environmental and Forest Biology.

The Seminars

Uneven-aged Management: From Arbogast to Today
Christel Kern, Research Forester, U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Rhinelander WI
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Silviculture Matters: Long-term Outcomes of Selection and Selective Cutting
Laura Kenefic, Research Forester, U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Bradley ME

Timber Harvesting Practices on Private Land and Contemporary Technical Transfer Strategies
John Munsell, Associate Professor and Forest Management Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA
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Using a Multiple Treatment Approach for Rehabilitation Silviculture
Jean-Martin Lussier, Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service, Quebec QC
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The Legacy of Beech Bark Disease and Understory Beech Interference in Today’s Northern Hardwoods
Kimberly Bohn, Extension Educator, PennState Extension, Smethport PA
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Presentation to, and Comments from, Ralph Nyland
Stout and Ralph Nyland, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management, ESF, Syracuse, NY

Treatment of Interference in Northern Hardwood Forests and its Impact on Non-target Organisms
Todd Ristau, Research Ecologist, U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Irvine PA

Wildlife Values and Management Ramifications: The Enduring Role of American Beech
Stacy McNulty, Associate Director, Adirondack Ecological Center, ESF, Newcomb NY
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Late-Successional Forest Structure and the Maintenance of Biodiversity in Managed Northern Hardwoods
Greg McGee, Assistant Professor, Environmental and Forest Biology, ESF, Syracuse NY

Silviculture: Back to the Future
Susan Stout, Research Project Leader, U.S. Forest Service, Northern Research Station, Irvine PA
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Closing Statements
Laura Kenefic

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