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e s f letters

Silviculture 2017: The Field Trip

June 15, 2017

Following the day of seminars, about one quarter of the audience accompanied Dr. Nyland for a Field Tour through ESF’s Heiberg Memorial Forest and “Shirley Property.”

The Tour

Tour stops looked at:

  • Impacts of understory beech root suckers on tree regeneration after 1970’s overstory reduction; the effect of 2000 brush saw cutting beneath low-density overstory

  • Relationship between understory beech root sucker density and sugar maple advance regeneration in uncut even-aged northern hardwoods; the implications for prescription-making to pre-salvage white ash from intermediate-aged northern hardwood stands

  • Regeneration beneath previously-thinned Norway spruce plantations

  • Relationship between early canopy openings and age class diversification

  • Silvicultural treatment to convert even-aged Norway spruce to a multi-aged arrangements

  • Effect of diameter-limit cutting in uneven-aged northern hardwoods

  • Result of selectionsystem treatment with white ash pre-salvage

  • Regeneration responses in stand free of understory beech.

The day was an opportunity to compare and contrast the issues and treatments with likeminded colleagues across the ecoregion. For alumni, returning to the site of many a field lab was a wonderful homecoming but enriched by discussion now elevated by over a century of collective experience.

Field Trip participants

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