08/22/2016: Welcome to Emma Wronka. After completing a B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Rochester, Emma will start a MPS in the Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences here at ESF.

08/16/2016: Welcome to Yasi Hassanzadeh. After completing her undergraduate degree at Vassar College, Yasi will start a MS in our research group and focus her research on developing better models to predict key riparian functions.

08/10/2016: Congratulations to Alison Bressler for completing her MS. Alison is now on her way to complete a PhD at the University of Michigan.

06/30/15: Welcome to Matt Allen. After completing a MS at SUNY-Buffalo, Matt will start his PhD here are SUNY-ESF and work on a recently funded USDA project investigating riparian zone functions in formerly glaciated settings of the US Midwest and US Northeast regions.

01/09/15: Welcome to Piotr Domaszczynski. Piotr is a post-doctoral fellow and will work on the project “The integrated water-system of the Great Lakes Region: Its conditions and challenges for the future”. Check his profile here.

09/22/14: Welcome to Kate Powers, Alison Bressler and Tim Koch. All will start their MS degree in the Graduate Program in Environmental Science. Check their profiles here.

07/10/2013: Summer field work in North Carolina with Dr. Sara McMillan and graduate students Sara Marchese, Jordan Gross, and Molly Welsh.

01/07/2013: Thank you to Satish and Joshua for a great field trip in the middle of the Adirondacks to sample for greenhouse gases.
05/11/2012: Congratulations and warm welcome to Sara Marchese (MS/PhD), Satish Serchan (MS), Joshua Gomez (MS), and Zack Green (MPS) for joining our research group this summer/fall.

05/10/2012: Congratulations to Jordan Gross (MS), Pat Rook (MS) and Mark McGlynn (MPS) for successfully defending their respective thesis this week. Best of luck to you all in your future endeavors !!!

10/10/11: Congratulations to Whitney Carleton (FNRM), and Mark McGlynn (ES) for  joining our research group.

05/18/11: Welcome to Vicky Dyrbala, Cheryl Glor, and Andrew Woodford. Vicky, Andrew and Cheryl are undergraduate researchers and will be working on various projects this summer and next year.

01/11/11: Congratulations to Hilary Lockwood (FNRM) for joining our research group. Welcome Hilary.

01/11/11: Our brand new Gas Chromatograph for N2O, CO2 and CH4 analysis just arrived.

10/26/2010: Congratulations to Jordan Gross (FNRM) and Stephen (Pat) Rook (GPES) for joining my research group. Welcome to both of you !!!

09/30/2010: Our brand new Fluoromax 4 just arrived

09/30/2010:  Congratulations to Allyson Smith for successfully defensing her MS thesis “

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling in Midwestern Agricultural Wetlands in response to Altered Hydrologic Regimes (IUPUI)

09/30/2010: Congratulations to Mike Stouder for successfully defending his MS thesis “Nutrient and Contaminant export Dynamics in a Larger-order Midwestern Watershed: Upper White River, Central Indiana (IUPUI)

04/01/2010: Two articles (Vidon et al. 2010 - Hot spots and hot moments in riparian zones: potential for improved water quality management. – JAWRA; and Dosskey et al. 2010 - The Role of Riparian Vegetation in Protecting and Improving Chemical Water Quality in Streams. – JAWRA) cited as Highlights of the Featured Collection: Riparian Ecosystems and Buffers of the Journal of the American Water Resources Association in April 2010.