FOR 545


Requirements below must be met in order to receive graduate credit (FOR545).

1. Graduate students must attend all lectures, complete all laboratory exercises, and successfully complete all examinations.

2. Graduate students must demonstrate a more thorough understanding of soil science by either writing a paper, conducting a project on an aspect of soil science related to their field of interest, or developing and testing a new lab instructional exercise.

Grading Criteria

The paper/project report should cover the topic in sufficient depth. Normally, this translates to 10 - 20 double-spaced pages and includes sufficient documentation to indicate synthesis of the relevant literature. Use the format from Soil Science Society of America Journal Style manual link. The paper must meet all standards of scientific and academic honesty as defined in the ESF Student Handbook Code of Conduct and the Graduate Student Policies.

The following targets will help you to organize your work and complete the paper by the end of the semester. I am happy to provide feedback as you meet the following deadlines. You will need to be working on your outline, references, and text simultaneously.

September 8 - Selection of topic/project: preliminary title and an outline of paper (email or hard copy is acceptable).

I will respond to all submissions to let you know the title and outline have been received. If you do not get a response, I did not get the material.

October 6 - Turn in a preliminary bibliography (about 20 references, email or hardcopy is acceptable).

November 10 - First draft is due (hard copy and electronic copy both required). This is your opportunity to obtain a critical review (I will provide written comments) with sufficient time to make revisions.

December 5 - Final draft must be submitted by the last day of classes (hard copy and electronic copy both required).

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