FOR796 - GeoProcessing in ArcMap

The ArdGIS Model Builder allows you to automate almost any process or set of processes in the software. However, it is not as simple as it appears. For anyone doing doing serious GeoProcessing being able to use the Model Builder is the only safe way to work. The Model Builder is a graphic interface that allows you to graphically connect data to tools for analysis of raster, vector, and tabular data, for data management, and map creation. The advantge of using the Model Builder is that if you don't like the results of an analysis you can make changes in the model and run it again from the point of the change. You don't have to remember what you did because it is recorded in the model! By using the Model Builder:

BUT the Model Builder is a bit on the squirrely side and can be very frustrating to use. So this course is designed to teach you how to use the modeler and understand the quirks of the software.

The class will meet from the second week of the semester through the 10th week. It will make use of a text and exercises for a book, "The Model Builder for Dummies", that I and Dr. Badruddin at Cayuga are writing. There will be weekly discussions (TBA) and exercises and a final project that can be part of an analysis you need to design for your thesis or work. If you have questions email me or visit me in my office 309 Bray – BUT, I am USUALLY only in on Wednesdays but can come in on other days if necessary ( I'm susposed to be retired ). Email me at to arrange an appointment


. Email or phone 470-6674 or 263-2196.

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