FOR 796. Applications of GIS through ESRI On Line Courses

ESRI of Redlands, CA offers a number of on-line courses about using GIS and about their software ArcGIS. This software is the NY State default GIS and is the most commonly used system on campus and in the country. These courses can be taken for 1-3 credit hours. The courses consist of a set of modules that cover the material indicated in the course name and description (see below). Since ESF uses this software and its extensions under the SU license that is where you find the courses that are available at no cost. SU provides a web page describing the ESRI software and courses. At the very bottom of that page there is a link to a word 7. docx document that lists the free online courses. You can find descriptions of all the ESRI courses at this url.

The courses cover a lot of topics and are of different lengths. The number of credit hours is based on the number and length of the course(s) selected. Each course is made up of a number of modules and quizzes. You can take the quizzes as many times as you like. The last grade for each quiz is recorded in the ESRI course transcript and these grades are part of the grading for the ESF course.

To take this course you have to meet with me and you and I sign a contract about the course(s) you are going to take, the number of credit hours for the course, and how you will be evaluated,

The basic requirements for the course are:

You can either contact the SU library site to get a password for a course or you can just email me with the name of course(s) you desire.

If you want to take a course without credit just email me or make arrangements through SU

Both Dr. Bevilacqua and I usually have a number of CDs containing a student version of ArcGIS with a one year license for distribution.

I am usually only on campus on Wednesdays. . Email me or call 315-470-6674 (only in on Wednesdays) for more information.

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