Advanced GIS Description (DRAFT), FOR796 & 496, SPRING 2012, Tue Thurs 4pm to 6:30 pm in 310 .

Taught by Dr. Lee Herrington and Dr. Abu Badruddin. Dr. Herrington is an ESF Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus and who has taught GIS courses at ESF since 1989. Dr. Badruddin is a Professor of GIS at Cayuga Community College and a GIS specialists at the Institute for GeoSpatial Technology at Cayuga CC.

The course is designed primarily for ESF graduate students and will cover methods and techniques found in study areas here at ESF. The software will be ArcGIS v10. The course is intended for graduate students and upper division undergrads who have taken introductory GIS courses here (FOR557 and ESF300) or elsewhere. The course will focus on the application of GIS to real problems. We will insist that students use the Modelbuilder after week 7 for all exercises. Using the Modelbuilder is the best way to keep track of what you are doing while at the same time producing a graphic of the students processing. The class will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6:30 in computer cluster 310 . Each class will be a combination of lecture, demonstration, discussion, and lab exercises.

A draft Schedule of the course is available here. There is also a link to a draft of one of the resources for the course that we are calling a “the Reading Pool” that will contain numerous articles and references to the topic of each week of classes. There will also be an "Exercise Pool" so students can pick an exercise for that topic area that is directly related to student areas of interest.

The course text is Mastering ArcGIS 5th Ed. by Maribeth Price (Amazon has the best price.) It is our intention to assign chapters from the Price book and other readings from the "Reading Pool" and then expand on the week's topics in lecture, demos, and discussion. We do not, in most cases, plan to spend much time on materials in the price chapters unless the topics have not be covered in the prerequisite courses. We will suggest that students carry out some of the exercises in the Price book. Only the exercises we design will be graded.

Becomming knowlable in ArcGIS requires Practice, Practice, Practice, and more Practice with the tools used in your field and this course is designed to provide that practice! There will be Turorials and exercises each week. Only Exercises are turned in.

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