Updated March 4th, 2008

My basic research interests are in the practical application of GIS to a broad range of environmental management problems and in the accuracy of decisions made using the results of GIS processing.

Current Research is focused on GIS based hydrologic modeling. Tools of special interest are ArcHydro (surface) and MODFLOW (ground) and linkages between them. Current research site is the Carmans River in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. The emphasis in this project is to create an ArcHydro model of non-point pollution impacts due to land use changes. The final product will be a simple user interface that will allow the lay user to change the land use of tax parcels and/or implement Best Management Practices and view the relative impact on water quality in the river (this river has NO tributaries).

A second area is the creation of a ArcGIS based system for determining the lands available for woody biofuel production for 25 and 50 mile radii around possible processing sites.

Recent projects include