Quiz Question:  What is ecology?


Ecology:  How living things are interrelated to each other and the environment.  Distribution and abundance of organisms.  From Greek: oikos (household) and logos (science): the study of the household of nature.


Includes ecotypes such as forests, streams, lakes, oceans.  In this course, we will focus on forest ecology, where trees dominate the processes.


Ecosystem Ecology focuses on the relationship of the biotic system to the abiotic (atmosphere, soil) at scale larger than


Instructors: Ruth Yanai, does research more than teaching, has taught Forest Ecology three times.

Kimberly Bohn has been a TA in this course twice and is now a Visiting Instructor.  It is her last semester as a PhD student.


Steve is a junior in FRM, this course is required for his major.

Kent is a senior taking Forest Ecology as an elective, hes from near Keuka Lake, and lives on Westcott Street.

Chad is a sophomore in FRM.

John is also in FRM.  Theyve taken a lot of classes together.

Tom is a Dual major (EFB and FRM), hes 19 and live in Lawrinson, hes a sophomore.

Jose is a sophore in Environmental Studies.  He wants to learn more about forests.  Hes from Columbia and he was in the learning community last year.

Nathan is a first-year graduate student, with an undergraduate degree in English from Binghamton.  Hes in Forestry, Ecosystem Science and Applications.

James is from Long Island, hes in his third year in FRM, he did the SPFF this summer

Eric is a senior in FRM, hes from Ohio.

Pam is from Rochester, shes a part-time student with a background in electrical engineering.


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