Which paragraph starts with a topic sentence?  Can you add one?


Many variables affect intensity of light on forests’ floors.  Plots with high crown density and basal area, for example, might be more shaded than…


The characteristics of the trees, specifically height, crown ratio, size, and density, could be related to the pattern of red pine mortality and to the light environment. 

One evaluation of the stand characteristics was done by Team Gray Van in the measuring live-crown ratio and tree height.  The results show…  However, The Other Guys found that…  Team Xtreme shows how…  (can you also make these verb tenses consistent?)


There were four groups in this lab.  Each group tested a different variable…


What’s necessary in your Methods section?  Just enough so that someone else could replicate your experiment.

The diameter and species of all trees > 2” dbh were determined on two 50’ by 50’ plots in each stand. 


When should you be more specific?  Which examples are too specific?


The light environment was related to the stem density.


The failed pine plantation had more intense sunlight on the forest floor than did the more intact pine plantation.


Can you improve these sentences?


Comparison of Red Pine Live Crown Ratios between a Failed and an Intact Red Pine Plantation


The study areas in this experiment were two 50x50’ plots in each of two even-aged stands of red pine (Pinus resinosa), established on land previously used for agriculture.


Given the relatively small change in elevation, ...


Beech has become less commercially valuable since the spread of beech bark disease throughout the Northeast.


In contrast, in site two, there was greater plant diversity and a greater amount of sunlight.


When is it important to double-space your assignments?


Make-up exercise for the last Individual Report


The central concept for the red pine lab was “demography”; we also studied regeneration and life history strategies.  So you should be able to tell us why we had more regeneration in one site than another, and what life history strategies made some species successful in regenerating (why is the understory a different species than the overstory in these stands?)


3 pts:  Thorough definition of the concept, using examples from the text or from class to demonstrate understanding.


Part c.  An example of the same concept applied to another context.



Next lab the central concept is Population Dynamics





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