Journal:  Holzforschung

Recommendation: Accept after minor revision etc.

Overall Manuscript Rating (1-100):


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CONFIDENTIAL Assessment Form:


Short evaluation (1= Lowest and 3=Highest)


(  )Originality

(  )Technical Quality     

(  )General Interest     


Content (1= Lowest and 3 = Highest):


(  )Introduction presents the problem clearly

(  )Experimental methods are adequate

(  )Discussion adequate and result/conclusions justified

(  )References are complete and adequate

(  )Keywords + abstract reflect the paper's content

(  )Title clearly reflects paper's content


Presentation (1= Lowest and 3 = Highest):


(  )The length is commensurate with the paper's content

(  )The English language is acceptable

(  )The quality of figures and tables is adequate



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