FOR 694 Writing for Scientific Publication

Ruth Yanai,  210 Marshall,  x6955,

Class Meetings: generally M and W, 9:10 to 10:30, in 324 Bray.  Class members should defer to the googledoc (use the link Ruth provided) for changes.



Assignments Due

Jan 13

Why Publish?

Bring your questions

Jan 15

Discuss Getting Started

Getting Started Exercise

Jan 22

Choosing your Journal

Knowing your Journal Exercise

Jan 24

Figures and Tables

n copies of Tables and Figures

Jan 27

Figures and Tables


Jan 29

Outline and Objectives

Two copies of your Outline and Objectives with Abstract (revised)

Feb 3


Draft of Results (two copies)

Feb 5

Materials and Methods

Draft of Methods (two copies)

Feb 10

Writing exercise, in class

Bring a difficult section

Feb 12


Preparation for peer review

Editing and proofreading


Submit Results and Materials and Methods Sections with Abstract and Objectives (for First Peer Review)

First Reviews.docx 

Feb 17

Statistical Considerations

Bring your questions

Feb 19


Bring examples from your field, 8 copies, number the paragraphs, staple

Feb 24

Advice, Responses to Reviews

First Peer Review Due

Feb 26


Bring examples from your field, include Conclusions and Summary if any

Mar 3

Progress on Introductions (shared in class)

2 copies double-spaced

Mar 5

Progress on Discussions

2 copies double-spaced


Mar 10-14 (spring break)


Mar 19

Mid-semester feedback

Anonymous feedback

Mar 19


Submit  Rough Draft and Response to First Reviews

Mar 21

(no class)


Mar 24



Mar 26


Authorship Exercise

Mar 28

Readings on Peer Review


Mar 31


Bring examples of RFPs, proposals

Apr 2

Readings on Publication Productivity

Second Peer Review Due

Apr 7

Reviewer feedback and help session

Your review, your paper, or a section that needs help

Apr 9


Bring n copies of an example from your field

Apr 14

(no class)


Apr 16

Work session

Sections for review

Apr 21

Abstract review

Title, by-line, key words

Abstracts due

Apr 23

Steps to Publication


Apr 28

Last Class (Final Steps)

Final Draft of Manuscript and Response to Second Reviews

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