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 Abrams (Chemical Education / inorganic materials chemistry)
 Boyer  (Biochemistry / Environmental)
 Chatterjee  (Polymer Theory)
 Dibble  (Atmospheric Chemistry, Pollution Control, and Combustion)
 Donaghy (Inorganic synthesis / chemical education)
 Driscoll (TBA)
 Giner  (Organic Natural Products, Bio-Synthesis, Drug Discovery)
 Gitsov  (Polymer Synthesis and Characterization, Dendrimers)
 Hassett  (Environmental Chemistry)
 Kieber  (Environmental and Marine Chemistry)
 Mao  (Regional Air Quality)
 Mirowsky  (Air pollution and human health)
 Nomura  (Biochemistry / Polymer Chemistry)
 Stipanovic  (Bio-Based Polymers)
 Teece  (Environmental)
 Webster  (Chemical Ecology, Pheremones, Organic Synthesis)
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