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Prospective Graduate Student Interest Form

We appreciate your interest in our SUNY-ESF Environmental Resources & Forest Engineering graduate program. We have five areas of study:

To learn more about our program please read about our faculty members and our enrolled graduate students. On faculty WebPages you will find out about courses taught, research conducted, papers published, and get a sense for how you might fit into our program.

We have put together a description of successful habits of enrolled students. This page can help you understand the amazing resources available to ESF students.

Ideally, before you submit an application, your correspondence with our professors will have identified an area of study, a potential advisor, and possibly a research topic. This is the best way to apply and be considered for our teaching and research scholarships.

The inquiry form below is one way to start this communication with the faculty, and in this form we ask for information about you so we can better understand your potential at SUNY-ESF!

Please check the box by the name(s) of the professors in whose work you are interested.  Check as many boxes as you want.

Daley (Ecological Engineering, Environmental Management, Water Resources Engineering)
Endreny (Ecological Engineering, Environmental Resources Engineering, Water Resources Engineering)
Kroll (Ecological Engineering, Environmental Management, Water Resources Engineering)
Mountrakis (Geospatial Information Science and Engineering, Mapping Sciences)
Quackenbush (Environmental Management, Geospatial Information Science and Engineering, Mapping Sciences)
Shaw (Ecological Engineering, Water Resources Engineering)
Tao (Ecological Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Resources Engineering)

(courses, GPA, GRE, research, awards, jobs, etc.):

If you encounter any difficulties with this form, please contact web@esf.edu.