Tutor Request Form

Tutor Request Form

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Check below for which you are requesting a tutor:
General Chemistry FCH150 , FCH152
Organic Chemistry FCH221 , FCH223
Elements of Organic Chemistry FCH210
Ecology EFB320
Biology I EFB101
Biology II EFB103
Genetics EFB307
Sociology FOR202
Economics FOR207
Global Environment EFB120
Cultural Ecology EST200
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ESF Math Course (check if you want an APM course tutor) Course #: APM
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Note: We can only provide a tutor for courses that are taught at ESF. For SU courses please see the course webpage for TA/Professor office hours or clinic hours. You can also contact SU’s Learning Resource Center at 443-2005 or for information regarding SU Tutoring Services.

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Please indicate your availability by stating the time blocks in which you will be available to be tutored. Typical tutoring sessions last 1-2 hours per week per course (The more times you enter, the faster we will be able to place you with a tutor. Once submitted, please email and changes to
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I understand that missing tutor sessions will result in the termination of tutorial services

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