e s f letters
e s f letters


ESF hosts a range of both specialized and general computer laboratories to support research and study in geospatial analysis. These resources are designed to meet the software and hardware needs of faculty, staff, and students in any of the disciplines related to mapping and geospatial analysis. Various labs on campus support GIS software packages (e.g. ArcGIS and Idrisi), remote sensing and image processing tools (e.g. ERDAS IMAGINE, ENVI, Definiens), and hardware for global positioning systems (GPS) and surveying data collection. While departments frequently host specialized labs, the campus has site-licenses for more general software such as Esri's ArcGIS and Clark Labs' Idrisi. Labs on campus are used to study population dynamics and estimation, modeling and simulation, applied natural resource management, population viability analysis, habitat suitability modeling, and data visualization.