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Blais, Jules Biology 613-562-5800 X6650
Blouin-Demers, Gabriel Ecology 613-562-5800 X6749
Chapleau, Francois Ichthyology 613-562-5800 X6357, X6360(lab)
Crabbé, Philippe Economics 613-562-5800 X1430
Currie, David Ecology 613-562-5800 X6355
Drovin, Guy
Findlay, Scott Ecosystem Management 613-562-5800 X4574 or X4575
Haas, George Water Management 613-562-5800 X1191
Kerr, Jeremy T. Ecology and Conservation 613-562-5800 X4577
Lalonde, Janick
Lean, David Ecology, Toxicology, Aquatic ecosystems 613-562-5800 X6349
Moon, Thomas W. Zoology 613-562-5800 X6002
Morin, Antoine Limnology 613-562-5800 X4549
Needham, Roger D.
Geography, Natural Resource Management
613-562-5800 x1052
Patry, Gilles G. Water Resources Modeling, Waste Treatment 613-462-5809
Pick, Frances R. Limnology, Phycology 613-562-5800 X6364, 6365
Raman, S.
Sawada, Mike
Geography, GIS
613-562-5800 x1040
Trudeau, Vance Endocrinology 613-562-5800 X6165


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