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Consortium Member Directory

GLRC Members, Queen's University

Member Discipline Phone Email
Arnott, Shelley Aquatic Ecology 613-533-6384 arnotts@biology.queensu.ca
Campbell, Linda Aquatic Ecosystem Health   linda.campbell@queensu.ca
Crowder, Adele A. Aquatic Ecology 613-533-6160 X6144 crowdera@biology.queensu.ca
Dennis, David      
French, Todd   613-533-6000x77337 4tdf@queensu.ca
Gilbert, Robert Sedimentology, Quaternary Environments 613-533-6034 gilbert@lake.geog.queensu.ca
Hodson, Peter Fish Toxicology 613-533-6129 hodsonp@biology.queensu.ca
McLatchie, William      
Poland, J Analytical Chemistry 613-545-2642  
Reavie   613-545-6193 reaviee@qucdn.queensu.ca
Remenda, Vicki Hydrogeology 613-533-2597 or 613-533-6594 remenda@geol.queensu.ca
Smol, John P. Paleolimnology 613-533-6147 smolj@biology.queensu.ca
Steven, Ann Offive of Public Relations 519-824-4120x8708  
Tufts, Bruce Aquatic Biology 613-533-6160 tuftsb@darwin.biology.queensu.ca
Turpin, D Physiological Ecology 613-545-6153  
Vanloon, G Sediment and Water Chemistry 613-545-2633