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GLRC Members, Ryerson University

Member Discipline Phone Email
Banting, Douglas  Geographic Analysis 416-979-5000 X6171
Bardecki, Michal Geographic Analysis 416-979-5000 X6175
Bostan, Vadim Chemistry, Biology 416-979-5000 X6546
Dodds, Rachel Hospitality & Tourism 416-979-5150

Duerden, Frank

Geographic Analysis 416-979-5038 X7240
Estable, Mario Chemistry, Biology 416-979-5000 X4517
Fang, Liping Mechanical Engineering  416-979-5000 X7215
Foster, Debora Chemistry, Biology 416-979-5000 X6345
Gilbride, Kimberley Chemistry, Biology 416-979-5000 X6354
Gore, Christopher Politics 416-979-5000 X4182
Hicks, John Occupational & Public Health
Kawall, Greg Engineering, Hydrology 416-979-5000 X7693
Laursen, Andrew Biogeochemistry 416-979-5000 X4059
Li, James Engineering, Hydrology 416-979-5000


Li, Songnian Civil Engineering 416-979-5000 X6450
Lu, Julia Chemistry, Biology 416-979-5000 X7481
Luk, Grace Civil Enginnering, Environmental Engineering 416-979-5000 X6473
McCarthy, Lynda Engineering, Hydrology 416-979-5000 X6378
Mehrvar, Mehrab Chemical-Environmental Engineering, Water-Wastewater Teatment 416-979-5000 X6555
Millward, Andrew Geographic Analysis 416-979-5000 X2673
Missios, Paul Economics 416-979-5000 X6186
Pushchak, Ronald Occupational and Public Health 416-979-5000 X7049
Robinson, Pamela Urban & Regional Planning 416-979-5000 X6762
Sly, Timothy Public Health 416-979-5154
Turcotte, Ginette Chemistry, Biology 416-979-5000 X7312
Warith, Mostafa Engineering, Hydrology 416-979-5000 X6459
Webb, Kernaghan Business Management 416-979-5000 X2478
Wellington, Alex Philosophy 416-979-5000 X1-4057
Wolfaardt, Gideon Chemistry, Biology 416-979-5000 X6357
Wu, Jenny Chemical Engineering 416-979-5000 X6549
Wu, June Industrial Engineering 416-979-5000


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