Consortium Member Directory
GLRC Members, University of Waterloo

Member Discipline Phone Email
Barton, David R. Aquatic Biology 519-888-4567 X32559
Butler, Barbara J.
519-885-1211 x35081
Dixon, Brian Immunology 519-888-4567 X32665
Dixon, D. G. Biology 519-888-4567 X32531
Drimmie, Robert J. Isotope Geochemistry 519-888-4567 x32580

Edwards, Thomas W.D.

Isotope Hydrology and Geochemistry

519-888-4567 X33236
Frape, Shaun Geochemistry 519-888-4567 X36382
Guildford, Stephanie Limnology and Oceanography 519-888-4567 X33223
Hall, Roland I.


519-888-4567 X32450

Johnston, John Sedimentology 519-884-0710 X34326
Karrow, Paul F. Quaternary Geology 519-888-4567 X33731
Knight, Drew
Dir. International Programs
519-888-4567 x32288
Lerner, Sally
Malkin, Sairah
519-888-4567 x33895
McKenzie, Ian Geography 519-888-4567 X32016
Mitchell, Bruce Resource Management 519-885-1211 X3087, 3278, 5466
Power, G.
519-885-1211 x32568
Robinson, James Water Conservation 519-885-1211 X32706
Schiff, Sherry Biochemistry of Watersheds, Lakes, and Wetlands 519-888-4567 X32473
Smith, Ralph E.H. Biological and Physiological Limnology 519-885-1211 X32468
Taylor, William D. Limnology 519-888-4567 X32556
Warner, Barry G. Wetland Ecology 519-888-4567 X33607
Van Nierop, Martin

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