Cockroach Project

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Cockroach Project

Independent Study Projects and Opportunities
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One of the most common, yet least mentioned of all greenhouse pests are cockroaches. The constantly damp conditions, a practically unlimited supply of organic material, and plenty of dark cracks and crevices for shelter create an ideal haven for these creeping critters. And, when populations are high enough they can do a significant amount of damage to tender seedlings and other plant materials!

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Several cockroach species call the EFB greenhouses “home.” While populations are not so high as to cause significant damage to plant materials, it’s unnerving to occasionally see them scatter when a potted plant is moved.

Project Goals

  1. Describe, photograph, and quantify the EFB greenhouse cockroach population.
  2. Implement and evaluate strategies for monitoring the cockroach population.
  3. Implement and evaluate cockroach management strategies.
  4. Explore alternative/biological control options, e.g., fungal pathogens, etc., for managing cockroach populations.

Project Products

  1. Conduct literature review relating to the monitoring and management of cockroaches in greenhouse settings.
  2. Descriptions and photographs (could be in video form) of cockroach species infesting the greenhouse for use in training work-study assistants, volunteers and others in monitoring techniques for these pests.
  3. Develop, implement, and evaluate cockroach monitoring protocols.
  4. Develop, implement, and evaluate management options for identified cockroach species.


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