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Developing Interactive ESF Greenhouse Visitor Activities

Independent Study Projects and Opportunities
ESF Greenhouses

Independent Study Projects and Opportunities
ESF Greenhouses


The SUNY-ESF greenhouse complex is one of the most unique biological facilities in all of upstate New York. Besides its location on the roof of Illick Hall, for its relatively small size, the facility houses an extraordinarily diverse collection of ornamentally and economically important temperate and tropical plants, as well as cacti and succulents from around the world.


Despite this unique collection of plants, there is currently no comprehensive strategy for presenting these materials to the more than 1,000 annual visitors to the facility that will help them appreciate the natural world.

Project Goals:

  1. Survey American Public Gardens Association (APGA), Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators (AERGC), and other appropriate institutions for existing education modules, curricula, etc.
  2. Develop strategy for continuously updating the survey above.
  3. Partner with appropriate campus faculty and staff, as well as local grade school and high school teachers to develop a series of simple, age-appropriate, hands-on activities for a range of visitors that...
    1. Relates to student experiences in their classroom
    2. Engages them in pursuing knowledge about the world around them
    3. Imparts a curiosity regarding SUNY-ESF as a future educational option
  4. Develop techniques for measuring the effectiveness/impact of these activities.

Project Products:

Depending upon number of EFB 498 hours chosen, final class products may include one or more of the following:

  1. Survey and written report outlining existing activities at ten institutions.
  2. Development of contact database and strategy for resurveying institutions for new materials.
  3. Develop, test and evaluate one or more activities
  4. In cooperation with Outreach office, develop strategy for promoting the greenhouse complex as a learning destination.