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ESF Greenhouses

  • Room 505
    This 900 square foot greenhouse is mostly available for research projects as it contains no permanent plant material collections. It features a hot and cold water sink, passive side wall and ridge ventilation, and 450 square feet of bench space.
  • Rooms 508, 509 & 510
    Rooms 509 and 510 are accessed via the corridor-like Room 508. Here you'll find: large ficus, bamboo, dieffenbachia, hanging pots of orchids and bromeliads, Norfolk Island pine, fishtail palm, floss silk tree, white-flowered Bird-of-Paradise, cocoa trees, large staghorn ferns, anthurium, pink and white-flowered oleander, geraniums, and more. Some space is devoted to research projects.
  • Room 514
    This 675 square foot greenhouse features our permanent collection of smaller tropical plants including dwarf bananas, epiphyllum, begonias, plumeria, and tender perennial bedding plants.
  • Rooms 517, 520 & 522
    The “Physiology” greenhouses: three independently accessed, climate managed rooms with plant collections that vary based on current research and class projects, and are generally not available for public viewing. 
  • Room 524
    The “Dendro” greenhouse features tender temperate and maritime plant materials that can’t survive Central New York winters outdoors, but that do have a chilling (vernalization) requirement in order to set flower and vegetative buds. Plants include winter-blooming camellias, crepemyrtle, both coastal and giant redwoods, and yesterday-today-and-tomorrow (Brunfelsia).
  • Rooms 525, 526 & 527
    The mirror image of Rooms 508, 509 & 510. Plants include dinner plate fig, sugar cane, orange jasmine, our cacti and succulent plant collection, our `Valencia’ orange tree, a large epiphyllum, and a number of ginger lilies.
  • Room 531
    This 775 square foot greenhouse is currently referred to as our “Sales” greenhouse, as we do offer excess plants from plant propagation courses and other sources for sale to the campus community.In addition, the room houses a large date palm, a banyan tree, a European olive, and a vanilla orchid.


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