e s f letters
e s f letters

Honors Internships:

Upper Division Honors Students ( those with > 60 completed credits who have not graduated) who have completed an H1 form identifying an Honors faculty mentor and a tentative research project in any program or department will be eligible to compete for paid Honors Internships. The internships will include stipends (up to $5000) to support their semester or summer experience. The program is intended to support high quality students in high quality off-campus internships with high quality external sponsors. A limited number of Honors Internships will be available, so Honors Students will be required to compete for them. ESF will make arrangements with suitable sponsors who have agreed to host such internships on a regular basis. In addition, one-time external internships will also be eligible for consideration.

Applications should include:

  • A letter from the student to include:
    • Description of the internship (name of sponsor, location, scope of responsibilities, timeline, and deliverables agreed to by student and mentor)
    • Explanation of what the student expects to gain from the experience and the potential impact the internship will have on their career goals and current research projects.
    • Involvement in the Honors Program to date and their plans for continued involvement in the program and the college into the future
    • A current curriculum vita or resume and copy of a current grade report.
  • A letter of support from the student’s faculty advisor to include:
    • Assessment of the student’s quality and the appropriateness of the proposed internship,
    • Assessment of the proposed internship with consideration to the sponsor, location, scope of responsibilities, timeline, and deliverables
    • Assessment of the proposed internship with respect to how it meets the goals of the student’s academic program and research interests.

Applications should be sent to the Director of the Honors Program (wms1@syr.edu, preferably as PDF files). The Honors Council and Director will evaluate the applications based upon the proposal and letters from the applicant and their advisor, their academic record, as well as the student’s commitment and engagement with the Honors Program. At the completion of the internship a final report will be required that includes reflection on the experience and how it has affected the student's educational goals and future plans.