e s f letters
e s f letters

Honors Program Faculty Council

The Honors Faculty Council recommends policies and serve as advocates for the Honors Program to prospective students. They also review special applications to the program and applications for Honors Internships. The Honors Program Director reviews all applications, invites students to submit statements of interest for admission to the thesis honors program and applications for Honors Internships, and makes recommendations for admission to the Honors Program and for the award of Honors Internships. The Director provides oversight for the thesis and project standards established by the Honors Faculty Council.

  • Robin Hoffman, Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture
  • Charles Kroll, Professor, Department of Environmental Resources Engineering
  • Russell Briggs, Director, Division of Environmental Science and Professor
  • William Shields, Director of the Honors Program and Professor, Department of Environmental and Forest Biology
  • Chris Whipps, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental and Forest Biology
  • Sharon D. Moran, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Studies
  • Scott Shannon, Associate Provost and Dean of Instruction and Graduate Studies (ex-officio)
  • John Wagner, Professor, Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management
  • Kelley Donaghy, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry