e s f letters
e s f letters

Freshman Housing at ESF's Syracuse Campus

SUNY-ESF freshman are required to live on-campus, unless your permanent home address is within commuting distance. Upon acceptance at SUNY-ESF, students will receive complete information about housing options, fees, and application process.

Centennial Hall

All ESF freshmen live in Centennial Hall, the ESF residence hall. Centennial Hall is an environmentally friendly “green” building that houses 549 ESF students in a combination of residence hall style rooms and student apartments. It is located on the western edge of the ESF campus on Oakland Street, just a short walk down the hill from Baker Laboratory.

Meal Plans for Freshmen

All entering first-year students (freshmen) living in ESF’s Centennial Hall must choose a campus meal plan for ten meals or more per week provided by Syracuse University Dining Services. ESF students can use their SU meal plan at any of the dining centers or other food service locations found on the SU campus, and will most often use the Sadler Hall dining center located just a short walk from Centennial Hall.