e s f letters
e s f letters

Guidelines for ESF (SU) ID cards

Category and applicable ID card

  1. State or Research Foundation paid employee - Employee ID card (note: temporary employees are eligible for ID card for period of temporary employment only)
  2. Green Thumb employee located on ESF campus - Employee ID card
  3. USDA Forest Service employee located on ESF campus - Employee ID card
  4. Adjuncts (non-paid) residing on-campus (requires Provost approval) - Employee ID card
  5. Adjuncts (non-paid) not residing on-campus - Student ID card*
  6. Visiting Scholar - Student ID card*
  7. Volunteer - Special Program ID card
  8. College-approved Guest - Special Program ID card

*Individuals in categories #5 and #6 above are not usually students, however that is the appropriate ID card SU has determined they are eligible for.


New Faculty and Staff

In order to obtain an ESF ID, HR must have received the appropriate, approved, appointment form from the faculty/staffs department. After the appropriate paperwork has been submitted, new faculty/staff can request and id memo from Human Resources (216 Bray Hall) to take to the SU ID Card Office where an id card will be created.

After you have received your ESF ID from SU, activate your NetID by going to the SU-ITS page. Once your NetID has been

Department Chair contacts Registrar's office (111 Bray Hall x6663) to load instructor and course(s) to be taught in ESF Database and Myslice (faculty must have ESF ID in order to do this).

Blackboard Access for New or Visiting Facutly

Department Chair's must contact the Registrar's Office (111 Bray Hall, x6663) to load the instructor and course(s) to be taught in ESF Database and MySlice.

If you need Blackboard access, after you have obtained your ESF ID (faculty must have ESF ID in order to access Blackboard), and notified the Registrar's office of courses being taught, contact Aaron Knight, Information Systems (X6648) to request use of Blackboard.

Remote Campus Employees

Contact Human Resources to obtain ESF ID if you are unable to visit Syracuse campus. You will be asked to provide a picture to be used on the id. HR will request ID be created by SU ID office and then provide ID to the faculty/staff member.

Note - ESF Email Eligibility Rules

Categories #1 through #6 above are eligible for ESF email. For categories #7 and #8 above, after obtaining ID card, individuals may contact CNS in 317 Baker to request guest internet account (they are not eligible for ESF email).