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Arbutus Watershed: Biogeochemistry & Hydrology

Project Description

The ESF Campus weather station is located on the green roof of Walter’s Hall. The weather station measures air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, net radiation, and soil temperature and moisture. Weather data from this monitoring site has been used for teaching, research, and service work. Because Walter’s Hall green roof is 1 story high and built in a local hollow, the station is level with the surrounding landscape and the monitoring data are considered representative of sensible weather experienced near the ground.
In 2000 the Moon Library weather station was initially instrumented by the USDA Forest Service to study local weather influences on the growth of campus trees. Also in 2000 the National Weather Service Cooperative Observer program was initiated at ESF and used a min/max air temperature gage and 8-inch recording precipitation gage near the Old Greenhouse to the south of Bray Hall. In 2001 Ted Endreny of SUNY ESF Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE) coordinated with the USDA Forest Service to modify the Moon Library weather station instruments and brought data logging into Marshall Hall B8. Ted Endreny and ERE fully instrumented the station and moved it to Walter’s Hall one-story green roof in December 2008. In April 2011 the ERE weather station became part of the Environmental Monitoring Program operated by SUNY ESF and Myron Mitchell’s group.
Information from this monitoring site can be used by the Syracuse community, particularly those interested in the weather on University Hill.