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View yearly animations of Arbutus Lake here, or Arbutus Lake ice in and out formations.

Arbutus Lake Outlet Camera Image - Huntington Wildlife Forest Data Website

Arbutus Watershed Camera
Arbutus Watershed Camera



This photograph is taken with a StarDot Technologies, model NetCam SC camera, with a Standard Varifocal Lens (4.5 ~ 12mm, 81°-38° wide, Manual Iris & Focus/Zoom). The camera is located on the top of the 130-foot Walkup Tower, near the outlet of Arbutus Lake, and points toward the northwest.  A new photograph is taken every 15 minutes.

Phenocam Study

The Arbutus Lake and Goodnow Mountain cameras provide data (photographs)
for the Phenocam Project. This study focus
is to use a network of digital cameras, mounted on towers, buildings, etc., throughout the United States and Canada, to monitor phenological changes to forest canopy over time. It is hypothesized that these images can be used to study climate change, specifically, to quantify whether or not trees are "leafing out" earlier, compared to past years.