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Archive Data
Archive Chemistry Data

Weekly replicate samples have been collected from both the Arbutus Lake Inlet and Outlet since 1995.  Previously, samples were collected from the Arbutus Lake Outlet only (1983-1994).Beginning in the Fall 2008, additional weekly samples have been collected from two streams (S14 & S15) and four groundwater wells (W12, W33, W34, & W36) in the upper Arbutus Watershed. Following collection, samples are kept cold and mailed to the Biogeochemistry Laboratory at SUNY-ESF, where laboratory analyses are performed. Data produced from these analyses include: pH, DOC, NO-3, Cl-, SO2-4, NH+4, total dissolved N, Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, total Al, silicon, and total Sulfur (2009).


Archive Hydrology Data

1999 - 2007: The stage height at the Arbutus Lake Inlet and Outlet has been continuously measured with a pressure transducer, and recorded by a Campbell Scientific, Inc. datalogger from 1999-2007. During this period, data were downloaded weekly, by AEC staff, and emailed to SUNY-ESF.

2007 - Present: With the establishment of the wireless data network at the Huntington Wildlife Forest, data are downloaded from the Arbutus Inlet and Outlet sites automatically by a server at SUNY-ESF. In addition, data are also downloaded from many other sites at the HWF (Goodnow Mountain Fire Tower, Stream 14, Stream 15, Ackerman Clearing Tower, Groundwater Wells 12, 33, 34, 35 & 36). In the future, archived data from all sites at the HWF will also be available for downloading.

Archive Hydrology Data

In 2007, we began measuring air temperature at the fire tower on Goodnow Mountain . A meteorological station was also established in the upper Arbutus Lake Watershed, at the Ackerman Clearing site.



Note: Archival data are 24 hour collection intervals. Fifteen minute data are available upon request. Please contact Pat (pmchale@esf.edu)

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