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Arbutus Watershed: Biogeochemistry & Hydrology

Project Description

The Upper Onondaga Park Site is one of two sites (urban and residential) that have been developed within the City of Syracuse for the monitoring of climatology and air quality. This residential site is located at the "Old Fire Station" at Upper Onondaga Park on the west side of Syracuse and includes a 140-foot tower. Meteorological instrumentation was installed on the tower in 2007.

This site will also be the location of an educational building that will be part of the refurbished fire station.  When the educational building is refurbished in 2008-2009, air quality instrumentation  will be installed on the tower with some of the instrumentation located within the building. Meteorological [wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation and solar radiation] and air quality parameters [sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2), fine particulates and mercury] will be continually measured and subsequently updated on this website.

The information from this site and the CoE site will be used in the evaluation of the role of urban and residential structures in affecting both meteorology and air pollution in the City of Syracuse. This project will provide information on meteorology and air quality that will be available to the entire Syracuse Community and will also include research on air pollutants in urban and residential settings.