e s f letters
e s f letters

Things To Do Upon Arriving in Syracuse, NY

  • MANDATORY Check-In with SUNY-ESF's Office of International Education (302 Bray Hall)
    • Upon arrival in Syracuse, NY, you must check-in at the ESF Office of International Education (302 Bray Hall--see map).
    • Please bring a passport-size photo and all of your (and your dependent’s) immigration documents with you when you come to check-in (e.g., I-20/DS-2019, passport, I-94 card, visa). All of your documents will be scanned, an electronic student file will be created for you and information about the New Student Arrival Seminar and Clearance Process will be provided to you.
  • Attend the New Student Arrival Seminar (NSAS)
    New Student Arrival Seminar date, time, and location will be assigned and noted on your Clearance Form when you check-in.
  • Take the English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE) If Applicable (see Clearance Form for additional information)
    • Required for all undergraduate students in order to determine the proper English class placement.
    • Required for graduate students with a TOEFL score under 600 (under 250 if you took the computerized test or under 100 if you took the internet-based, IBT, version).
    • Please contact Dr. Margo Sampson at masampso@syr.edu if you have any questions regarding this exam.
  • Complete the Required Clearance Form Activities and Obtain Signatures
    The Clearance Form activities must be completed in order to be cleared for class registration and to prevent a hold from being placed on your student account. You should submit your completed Clearance Form to the ESF Office of International Education or hand it in at the ESF international student orientation.
  • Complete the Medical Clearance
    Submit immunization and medical history forms to Syracuse University's Health Services Center.
    Complete the required Tuberculosis screening.
  • Graduate Students
  • Set-up Your Net-ID Account
    Your Net-ID allows you to log into campus computers and your college email account. For additional information about setting up your account access the NetID Services website.
  • Confirm the Billing Address of your Sponsor with the Bursar If Applicable
    If you are sponsored by funds other than personal or family you should confirm with the Bursar the billing address of your sponsor. The Bursar's Office is located at 102 Bray Hall.
  • Attend MANDATORY International Student Orientation
    Please coordinate your travel in order to attend the mandatory international student orientation.
  • Attend ESF Orientation Program
    You must also attend the general ESF Orientation.
  • Meet with your advisor/major professor and register for classes
  • If you did not submit your completed Clearance Form at the International Student Oreintation, submit it to the Office of International Education (302 Bray Hall) within the first week of classes.