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Things To Do Before Arriving at ESF

  • Return Commitment to Enroll Form
  • Review all of the information on your I-20 or DS-2019 to ensure that it is accurate.
    If any of the information appears to be incorrect, please contact me at the Office of International Education (OIE@esf.edu) / Phone: 315-470-6691/ Fax: 315-470-6978) as soon as possible so that I can update your SEVIS record and mail a new I-20 to you prior to your visa interview.
  • Review all of the information on the "New Student" section of the Office of International Education Website
  • Review all of the information on the appropriate ESF accepted student webpage and complete any required tasks.
  • Submit ESF Health Forms

    Mail, fax, or email the completed form by August 22, 2016:

    Division of Student Affairs
    1 Forestry Drive
    110 Bray Hall
    Syracuse, NY 13210
    FAX: 315-470-4728
  • Coordinate Travel to ESF
  • Email OIE your arrival dates and times if are living in Centennial Hall
  • Review the Office of International Education web page, "Arriving at the U.S Port of Entry"
  • Review the U.S. Department of State's Information on Pre-departure Planning and Arrival
  • Review the U.S. Department of State's Publication, See You In The U.S.

The Office of Student Affairs will mail information to complete online tasks in the spring/summer.

  • Set-Up Your ESF College Account Online
    • Personal Information
      All new students must complete the Personal Information Form, which includes emergency contact and other essential information. The information also helps us get to know you and your class, and to serve your out-of-classroom needs. Providing information on race, ethnicity and marital status is optional—submit online.
    • Policies Acknowledgement
      Your signature is required on the Policies Acknowledgement portion of this form to verify that you have received, read and understand the ESF Student Handbook. Please note that your registration may be delayed if the signed form is not received—submit online.
    • Photo
      One wallet-size copy of a recent photograph of you (a head and shoulders shot) is needed for your official personal file. Again, this helps us to best identify you in cases of emergency (this is NOT the photo used for your Student ID Card)—submit online.
  • Activate your NetID Online
    The NetID is a personal identifier that is used to access ESF and SU computing resources. You will need the ten-digit SUID in order to complete this process. Click here to activate your NetID.
  • Request your Student ID Card Online
    Once you have activated your NetID, you may submit your student ID card photo online.