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Salix (Willow) Identification

Willow Field Guide - DRAFT

Willows present a unique management problem for powerline right-of-way (ROW) vegetation managers. Low-growing willow shrubs may be desirable across a ROW, as they pose no safety or reliability threat to electricity transmission. Other willow species are only desirable in the border zone (along the edges of a ROW), while some are not desirable at all, as they are tree-form with mature heights that threaten safety and reliability of electricity transmission. The problem is how to readily identify species in the field—those that can be safely and cost effectively grown under the conductors versus those that cannot.

We are currently developing a photo-rich field guide for the identification of willow species found in New York State, with support from the New York Power Authority. The following is a draft of the photo layout for the field guide. We look forward to your comments and suggestions on this draft.

Note: A PDF version of these pages is available here (~14.6MB) with higher resolution photos.

If you would like to use any of the photos, please contact me, Ben Ballard, as I can provide them at much higher resolution, depending upon your needs.




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