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Portfolio Submission for Applicants to the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

The Department of Landscape Architecture embraces a broad conception of the term “creative work” ranging from pencil sketching to poetry; however, for the purpose of indicating an aptitude for landscape architecture, portfolio work should focus on visually expressive examples, including both traditional and digital media. In particular, we are interested in seeing examples of freehand drawing, either from college or high school studio art coursework, or generated on your own time. Please review our presentation on portfolio preparation to learn more about the types of work that would be appropriate to submit (see link below).

Portfolio reviews are used to determine a student’s placement in the required BLA studio sequence as follows:

  • Freshman applicants are NOT required to submit a portfolio, however, it is often useful in planning the freshman year schedule, particularly for those students who have completed Advanced Placement (AP) or college art classes that may be accepted as an equivalent for LSA 182 Drawing Studio.
  • Transfer students will be placed in LSA 182 Drawing Studio if neither a portfolio is submitted nor they have completed Advanced Placement (AP) or college level art classes.
  • Transfer students who have completed equivalent coursework or feel they may have creative talents that would be equivalent to the BLA first year drawing studio or second year studio sequence (LSA 226 Foundation Design Studio I or LSA 227 Foundation Design Studio II) must submit their portfolio for review to determine if they have met any of these requirements. Students should review the syllabi for these studios so that the project work included in their portfolio clearly demonstrates mastery of the studio course objectives (see links below).

Applicants for fall entry must submit their portfolio for studio placement by April 1. Applicants for spring semester must submit their portfolio before an admissions decision or studio placement will be made and no later than November 1. Placement in studios and consideration for admission will be made on a space available basis if portfolios are received after these deadlines. Please click on the links below for instructions on submitting portfolios for fall applicants and spring applicants.