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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Research & Service

Source Description
Council for Community Design Research (CCDR) The Council for Community Design Research is a public service and research arm of Landscape Architecture at SUNY ESF.
Fletcher Steele Archives The Fletcher Steele Archives at the Franklin L. Moon Library of SUNY ESF, in collaboration with Landscape Architecture, are pleased to be able to provide access to the archives of this important designer.
Northern Frontier History of the Northern Frontier, based on material compiled from secondary references and information solicited from appropriate agencies and qualified individuals. It is not intended to represent original investigations or research, present a comprehensive history of the region, provide a detailed inventory of the multitude of historic sites and tourist attractions, or replace other planning initiatives.
Olmsted Center Since 1992, the Faculty of Landscape Architecture has maintained a cooperative relationship with the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation, the technical center of the Northeast Region of the National Park Service that provides assistance in cultural landscape research, planning, stewardship, and education. Over the years, LA has produced numerous Cultural Landscape Reports, Cultural Landscape Inventories, and Historic Resource Studies for national parks and historic sites throughout the country, which have helped to support research and provide training for graduate students in the faculty's cultural landscape conservation concentration.
Sustainable Cities
SUNY Center for Brownfield Studies
Your Town
Neva Project THIS PROJECT is a collaborative attempt to look at four sites on the Neva from both the ecological and cultural perspectives simultaneously.