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northern frontier

Northern Frontier Special Management Area

Along the Mohawk and Susquehanna Valleys and the Erie Canal of Upstate New York lies a region contained within an area historically known as the Northern Frontier. This territory was hotly contested during the French and Indian War, American Revolution, and War of 1812 due to its military, agricultural, transportation, and commercial importance.

Due to the significance of the region in American history, a Special Resource Study (SRS) has been commissioned through legislation with Congressman Boehlert's (Twenty-third District, New York) support to provide resource information and analysis that could lead to formal national recognition of the study area. Such recognition could provide opportunities for technical and financial assistance for the management of the regions historic resources. To this end, the National Park Service has contracted with the Faculty of Landscape Architecture at the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science of Forestry in Syracuse to conduct the study.

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  • Our goal is to develop alternative management scenarios for the Northern Frontier Special Resource Area. To accomplish this task, we are preparing a database of the historical, cultural, and natural resources that share a relationship to the Northern Frontier study area and heritage theme. To date, 192 contributing thematic resources across New York have been identified and mapped using ArcView geographic information system software.

    As we move into the second phase of the schedule, the thematic resource data will be analyzed based on criteria developed by the National Park Service for Special Resource Studies to determine alternative management strategies for the Northern Frontier heritage landscape.

    Our mission will conclude with the publication of a summary report highlighting the proposed management scenarios with related cultural and economic benefits for the communities within the study area.

    Additional Information for the project is located at http://www.nps.gov/fost/nfsrs.htm or download the newsletter.




    Richard S. Hawks, Chair/Principal Investigator Sarah Peskin, Program Manager, National Parks Service/Boston
    James F. Palmer, Co-Principal Investigator, Project manager Support Office (BOSO)
    Support: Gary Warshefski, Superintendent, Fort Stanwix National Monument
    Dudley C. Breed, Reasearch Associate Joanne Arany, Project Manager/Landscape Architect, BOSO
    Allen R. Lewis, Co-Investigator for GIS Mapping Larry Lowenthal, Historian, BOSO
    Robert Zundel, Research Assistant Craig Davis, Chief of Cultural Resources, Fort Stanwix National Monument
    Richard VanDeusen, Research Assistant Michael Kusch, Chief Visitor of Services
    John Auwaerter, Research Asistant


    Contact Richard Hawks, 315.470.6557