e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry
e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

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ESF Contacts

Off Campus Program Faculty Advisors

Important Numbers

  • FLA Fax: 315-470-6540
  • Student Affairs: 315-470-6658
  • ESF University Police: 315-470-6667

Off Campus Program

Landscape Architecture Resources

Important Links

Assignments & Due Dates

LSA 425/625. Orientation for Off Campus Experiential Studio

January Introduction, Place Inquiries, Scope of Off-Campus Requirements
Study Subject/Question
Attendance of Off Campus Presentations required.
John View, Director of Financial Aid
Assignment Due: Presentation reviews, Place Inquiries #4, 5
February Introduce Part I of Proposals
Assignment Due: Question, subject definition
Introduce Field Studies
Culture Shock
Assignment Due: Field Studies selected/defined
Introduce Part II of Proposal
March Caroline Bailey, SUNY Mandated Health and Insurance Forms (Green Forms) - Photo I.D. Required
Assignment Due: Part I of Proposal
Spring Break: Mid-Term Review
Design Thinking and Research Methods
Methods, Structure and Synthesis
Assignment Due: Green Forms, etc., Ways of Thinking
Registration for Fall and Spring Semesters
Assignment Due:Spring Semester Registration Forms due to Caroline Bailey
April No Common Meeting
Assignment Due: Structure and Synthesis
No Common Meeting
Assignment Due: Part II Draft
Road Rules; Richard S. Hawks, FLA Chair
Assignment Due: Departure/return dates to Caroline Bailey
Final Common Meeting
Assignment Due: Abstracts
May Assignment Due: Final Proposal

LSA 460/760. Off Campus Experiential Studio

OCP Report, field Study, Log, Journal, Original Airline Ticket Due - 10 calendar days after return from OCP study site.

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