OCP 2009-2010

Ansaldi, Joseph

Skateboarding, Architecture & Connections of the Urban Fabric. Barcelona, Spain

Belding, Alexander

Design of monastiraki square as a Framework for social interaction Athens, Greece

Bogdan, Mark

Transformation and the Recovery of Public Spaces that is part of the 22@plan Barcelona, Spain

DeSantis, Brittany

How can different design elements affect the movement and experience through a streetscape? Athens, Greece

Exley, David

Ports and gathering areas in Piraes and a comparison with nearby cities. Piraeus, Greece

Fairchild, Chris Mass transit Kyoto, Japan

Fusco, Paul

Deconstructing the Mystery behind urban street life Lisboa, Portugal

Hegyi, Mark

PLAZA UNIVERSITAT a platform of connections with a focus on the people’s pleasures Barcelona, Spain

Kepke, Samantha

Urban open spaces Barcelona, Spain

Knapp, Jacob

Discovering the language of Lisbon a study of symbolism in design Lisbon, Portugal

Labant, Matthew

The parquet das nacoes a study of theme and concept Lisboa,Portugal

Lathey, Colleen

Pedestrian waterfront connections A Comparative Analysis of Two Waterfront Access Paths. Barcelona, Spain

Lehman, Aaron

Contemporary and Historical Site Design Athens, Greece

Lituchy, Max

The parquet das nacoes architecture landscape and organization Lisboa, Portugal

Radar, Jack

Stormwater management How can urban stormwater design contribute to a successful site design Berlin, Germany

Roberts, Aaron

What role has contemporary landscape architecture had in the redevelopment of berlin’s city center since the fall of the Berlin wall? Berlin Germany

Shiah, Thomas

In what ways are the phenomena of balance and harmony created by contemporary landscape design with the existing historic architecture in Barcelona? Barcelona Spain

Silverberg, Paul

The Vital Role of History on the Modern Urban Redevelopment of a City A Look Beyond the Berlin Wall Berlin, Germany

Skolny, Ryan

How is meaning constructed into Japanese gardens? Kyoto, Japan

Sombke, Henry

Lisbon: represented a representational study on the essential themes and essences of Lisbon Lisbon, Portugal

Whitney, no name

How is Bicycle Transportation Woven into the Fabric of Japanese Cities and their Daily Lives? Kyoto, Japan

Zhang, Kim

The Story of Basho’s journey- Japan’s Landscape Retold Kyoto, Japan

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