OCP 2010-2011

Abdul-Hamid, Fatimah

Analysis of urban hybridization in large scale and small scale development Rotterdam & Zaadam, The Netherlands

Brittain, Bobby

Streets as Destinations A study of the spatial configuration and contextual influences of streets in a German metropolis. Berlin, Germany

Burkard, Diane

Deer Creek Marsh Plant Communities , Deer Creek, New York

Burt, James

Golf course architecture, environmental sustainability through responsible design Berlin, Germany

Cavender, Joeseph

River systems: a dynamic sequence study Barcelona, Spain

Devlin, Timothy

Universal Design Visual Encyclopedia A Catalogue of Accessible Design Applications From the Urban Environment Copenhagen, Denmark

DosSantos, Georgino

What is the range of Stormwater Management Techniques that could be used given the different character areas on Martha's Vineyard and how can they be effectively integrated in different landscape contexts? Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Gefell, Evan

Urban Waterfronts are designed to be mixed-use and contain diversity. The problem can be how the site is used between different user groups and what physical design qualities of waterfront streetscapes support current uses. Siracusa, Italy

Gifford, Ken

Natural Stone in the Urban Landscape Berlin, Germany

Grasmeyer, Luke

Martha’s Vineyard Design Guideline for Trails and Shared Use Path (SUP) Extension and Improvements Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Grasmeyer, Luke

Plan for Greenway System and Shared Use Path (SUP) connections between Tisbury, with Manuel F. Correllus State Forest and West Tisbury (‘wedge’) Martha's Vineyard,Massachusetts

Kolodziejczyk, Tom

What Role do Kirkegårds Play as Critical Open Space within the City of Copenhagen? Copenhagen, Denmark

Murk, Stephen

A study of the Seine River in Paris, France and its relation to the city. The primary focus of the study was to interpret and understand the section of the banks of the river from street to water. Looking at pedestrian and vehicular use along with construction and spacial relationship of the river banks. With a minor comparative study on the Thames River in London England, focusing on the same aspects of the river bank. Paris France

Murphy, Kerri

Historical Preservation Design Siracusa, Sicily

Olinski, Adam

This study will investigate aspects of size, scale and design context of a historic bridge in Ortigia. Siracusa, Sicily

Simonin, Mark

water then | water now Copenhagen Denmark

Tannenbaum, Thaddeus

‘Materials & Site Accessories that Create the Character Of the Landscape in an Italian Community’ Siracusa, Italy

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