2013 Hubbard Brook Annual MeetingW. Thornton, NHJuly 11, 2013

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Multiple Element Limitation in Northern Hardwood Ecosystems1

Effect of calcium on soil phosphorus and nitrate in northern hardwoods1
Shinjini Goswami, Miami University

Does soil nitrogen control phosphorus resorption in a co-limited system?1
Craig See, ESF

Sweet Times in the MELNHE plots:  Do soil nutrients make maple sap sweeter?2
Adam Wild, ESF

Do stand age or soil nutrients control foliar chemistry?1  Yi "Tony" Dong, ESF

Mychorrizal distribution in depth2 - Franklin Diggs, ESF

Detecting change over time in tree tissue chemistry1 - Yang Yang, ESF

Connecting kids to local science:  leaf litter decomposition in the MELNHE stands1  Rich Biche, A Crosby Kennett Middle School

Connecting Science to local kids:  Arthropod Communities1
Cleo Warner, Eckerd College

The impact of calcium on transpiration and root function1
Lily Zahor, Plymouth State University

Does soil calcium affect soil moisture?1  Joe Kendrick, Bennington College

Sugar maple growth response to a Ca addition1
Eric MacPherson, St Michael's College

Bartlett Budgets, with uncertainty2 - Ruth Yanai, ESF



HB2013 Diggs mychorrizae


Yanai HB 2013 Bartlett Budgets

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