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Copyright Guidelines for Course Reserves Moon Library Services

Copyright Guidelines

When submitting material for reserve, the copyright law revisions which were outlined In Administrative Bulletin (Vol. 77, No. 57, 11/3/77) must be followed. The amount and type of copying should fall within the Fair Use Guidelines. The responsibility for insuring that copies are in conformance with the copyright law lies with the individual course instructor. Checklist for Fair Use

The specific points which pertain to reserve are:

  1. Single and multiple copies (i.e., one copy for every 15 students) of photocopied copyrighted material submitted to the Library for reserve. The submitted material must include a full citation. The Library will label the reserve material with copyright awareness information (i.e., This material may be protected by copyright law. Title 17, US code).
  2. A letter of copyright permission from the copyright holder must accompany photocopied copyrighted material that has been previously submitted for reserve. You may obtain a copyright permission form letter from the Library if needed.
  3. Photocopied items may not be used to substitute for the purchase of books, publishers’ reports, or journals.
  4. Items should not be photocopied from works intended to be "consumable" in the course of study or teaching. These items include workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets and answer sheets, and like consumable material.

NOTE: Works that fall within the "public domain" (eg. most U.S. Government publications) may be used freely. Public Domain